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Hair Pigment We can also call hair tattoos medical hair pigmentation or tricho pigmentation, used as a more reasonable alternative to hair pigmentations. During the hair tattoo procedure, our experienced professionals will tattoo small dots or strips on the scalp. The method depends on whether the customer has short or long hair. Because of the small hair tattoos your hair will look more thicker optically. This is a solution most of all for those men, who have really sparse hair even at their back of their neck, so the hair pigmentation is not possible for them. In their case, the hair tattoo is the best solution.

We are able to produce convincing aesthetic effects with the hair tattoo at PHAEYDE Clinic. Make sure yourself about our convincing results. Take a look at our hair tattoo before-after pictures and find out more about the medical hair pigmentation, that you can take advantage of in total from 200€ at PHAEYDE Clinic.

Hair Pigmentation Methods

What techniques do they use?

DOT technique

Hair-follicle-looking micro sized dots tattooed. This technique is for those customers who want to wear their hair longer than a mm.

Fiber technique

Small hair tattooed between normal and longer hair. This method is the best for people who like to wear their hair longer than 2-4 mm.

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