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Hair Transplantation

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About Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation Hair implants at PHAEYDE Hungary using FUE and S.H.E. (Single Hair Extraction) processes. The FUE process is humane and we have wonderful results with it.

At our clinic we exclusively apply the latest, most modern hair transplantation methods. The FUE method is currently considered to be the most modern technique, after the performance of which no scarring is left at all. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, therefore our patient can return home immediately after the hair transplantation.

Hair implants at PHAEYDE

If you are suffering from balding as well, make an appointment for a free consultation, in the course of which we will provide you with an exact price offer.

The first step can be sooner, the second later; for thin hair, two-sided balding or complete baldness. A hair implant can be the way to have permanently beautiful and thick hair. We can clear up the principles of hair implants quickly: your existing hair will be `redistributed.` After this, the hairs will be removed from the back of your neck and implanted on the bald areas.

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Before-During-After Hair Transplantation

We advise hair transplantation for those who are suffering from genetic, hereditary (androgenetic) hair-loss or baldness. We don’t advise it for people who have only a temporary hair-loss, for those who are under medication and have hair-loss because of that, or hormonal or immune system problems. Find out more at our Hair transplant for women and Hair transplant for men pages.
We advise those people who are thinking about hair transplants to do the procedure as soon as possible, because a visible result will be only after 6-12 months.
Of course. By e-mail or with the help of the application form you can send us pictures. Please send us a good quality picture from each side, and write down what is the problematic area for you.
The price of the hair transplant depends on the number of the necessary grafts and the process type of the procedure (FUE, S.H.E., shaved, not shaved, grey hair). The price of the hair transplant is specified every time independently, where the desired thickness is the standard.
In every case, during the personal consultation we not only give you a price quote, but we also do a hair examination, where we can find out the exact reason of the hair-loss. And you have to also fill out a questionnaire, that will give us an exact picture about any medical problem or allergy. We need this, so that we can make a personalized treatment plan for every patient. Contact us to ask for a procedure or consultation appointment.
The personal guidance before the hair transplant is free. Contact us and ask for a free consultation or procedure appointment in Hungary for the hair transplantation.
Only the back of the neck, the setting area, that will be done by our assistant at the clinic before the procedure, it will be app. 2-4 mm long. The other parts don’t have to be cut. Take a look at our before-after hair transplant photos and be convinced about our perfect successes.
Of course we can also transplant the grey hairs. In case your hair is not fully grey, than we would advise to color your hair, to create an aesthetic look.
FUE hair transplant is based on a really simple principle. It is about the regrouping of the existing hair. The hairs are going to be set with a thin willow needle from the donor area, the back of the neck, and with the same method, they are going to be implanted to the agreed, bald area. S.H.E. (Single Hair Extraction) is almost the same, only with S.H.E. (Single Hair Extraction) the willow needle is even thinner, this way we can reach an even thicker hair. You can read some more differences if you click on our `FUE and S.H.E. (Single Hair Extraction) comparison` page.
No, during the hair transplant at PHAEYDE we use local anesthesia that is similar to the ones used at the dentist, except for it lasts longer.
During the FUE hair transplant at PHAEYDE we use local anesthesia. The local anesthesia used during the S.H.E. (Single Hair Extraction) method is in 3 steps, so the pain is the lowest possible.
A hair transplant at PHAEYDE could take one or two days. The exact hair transplant time depends on the size of the bald area and on the amount of the hairs that need to be implanted. The procedure usually starts at 8:00 o’clock in the morning and finishes around 16:00-20:00. More information can be found on the: `Hair transplant – the process of the procedure` page.
Usually in a day 3.500-5.000 hairs can be transplanted. The exact amount depends on the thickness of the hair and on the desired result.
PHAEYDE treats every patient discretely. We are not a public hospital where a lot of people come and go every day. We only treat one patient in a day, this way except for the doctors and assistants, no one is around.
Of course there is a possibility to eat. In case the patient didn’t eat breakfast, he can do so at our climic, and in the later hours there is also an opportunity to have lunch. Our friendly colleagues are at your disposal for everything and are happy to help you during your stay.
  • Arriving to PHAEYDE Clinic at 8:00 o’clock in the morning
  • You will meet your doctor, you will have an opportunity to ask your questions, and we will inform you about the following process of the procedure
  • Price of the hair transplant is paid
  • Hair cutting –preparation of the procedure
  • Drawing the donor area
  • Local anesthesia
  • Starting of the setting of the hair with some little breaks
  • Lunch break
  • New anesthesia
  • Hair transplanting with shorter breaks
The hair transplantation is painless, but after there could be some irritation on the scalp (burning, itching). In this case we give you pain relief medicine that will relax the scalp.
Right after the hair transplant there could be small red dots on the scalp, but this is natural and it will heal really fast. After, little microscopic white dots could stay, but these can’t be seen with the human eye. Those areas where the hair was implanted may heal a little bit more slowly. This area will stay sensitive for a few days after the hair transplantation. There won’t be any lasting visible signs after the hair transplant, except for the newly-thick hair.
Yes, but you have to be away from physical stress for 7 days. The anesthesia will get out of your system totally after 4 days, until that it can cause swelling.
Usually you have to stop washing your hair for 4 days, and even after this you can only wash it with mild water pressure. Protect the scalp from external influences (hits, scratches, etc.) For more information read `The process of the hair transplant` page..
The effect is going to be visible a week after the hair transplant. After this, the implanted hairs will be falling off and a resting phase begins. The resting phase is 4-5 months long, then the new hairs will start to grow. The final result of the hair transplant will be seen after 6-12 months.

Hair Transplantation Prices and Costs






S <1250 transplantácia vlasov alebo nastrelovanie vlasov 1 2990 €
1990 €
4490 €
2490 €
M 1300-1850 transplantácia vlasov alebo nastrelovanie vlasov 1 3990 €
2490 €
5490 €
3490 €
L 1900-2250 transplantácia vlasov alebo nastrelovanie vlasov 2 5990 €
4490 €
7490 €
5490 €
XL 2300-3500 transplantácia vlasov alebo nastrelovanie vlasov 2 6990 €
4990 €
9490 €
5990 €
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