Hair Transplantation Why Choose PHAEYDE?
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Hair Transplantation

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About Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation Hair implants at PHAEYDE Hungary using FUE and S.H.E. (Single Hair Extraction) processes. The FUE process is humane and we have wonderful results with it.

At our clinic we exclusively apply the latest, most modern hair transplantation methods. The FUE method is currently considered to be the most modern technique, after the performance of which no scarring is left at all. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, therefore our patient can return home immediately after the hair transplantation.

Hair implants at PHAEYDE

If you are suffering from balding as well, make an appointment for a free consultation, in the course of which we will provide you with an exact price offer.

The first step can be sooner, the second later; for thin hair, two-sided balding or complete baldness. A hair implant can be the way to have permanently beautiful and thick hair. We can clear up the principles of hair implants quickly: your existing hair will be `redistributed.` After this, the hairs will be removed from the back of your neck and implanted on the bald areas.

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Hair Transplantation Prices and Costs






S <1250 transplantácia vlasov alebo nastrelovanie vlasov 1 2990 €
1990 €
4490 €
2490 €
M 1300-1850 transplantácia vlasov alebo nastrelovanie vlasov 1 3990 €
2490 €
5490 €
3490 €
L 1900-2250 transplantácia vlasov alebo nastrelovanie vlasov 2 5990 €
4490 €
7490 €
5490 €
XL 2300-3500 transplantácia vlasov alebo nastrelovanie vlasov 2 6990 €
4990 €
9490 €
5990 €
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Why choose PHAEYDE?

  • 6+ YEARS
    Outstanding experience 1: we have more than 6 years experience in hair transplantation.
  • Award Winner
    We guarantee the most modern hair transplantation procedure, the S.H.E., which gained the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR award in service category in 2013 according to a GFK research based on 2000 people.
    Save up to €6000 on Your Hair Transplantation with an award winning Clinic in Budapest.
  • 2000+
    Outstanding experience 2: we replaced the hair of more than 2000 clients owing to the FUE and S.H.E. methods.
  • Recommended
    PHAEYDE is a Recommended Clinic for Hair Transplantation by the First Hungarian Hair Transplantation Association FHHTA – EMAHAE.
  • + FREE
    Get The Best FUE, FUE Safe system & S.H.E. Treatments Available, with the following benefits:
    + Free After Care Products,
    + Free Accomodation.
  • 5.000.000++
    Precise and punctual construction: until now more than 5.000.000++ transplantated single hairs in the adequate angle, depth, direction and thickness.
  • HPS
    Unique hair planning: we plan the hair transplantation with the assistance of the HPS – Hair Planning Software , which is available in Hungary only at the PHAEYDE Clinic.
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Best Hair Transplantation Service and Prices
no.1 Hair Transplantation
Why Choose PHAEYDE?
  • More than 5.5+ Million Transplanted Hairs
  • More than 2200+ Satisfied Patients
  • 12+ Years Active Experience
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